A few graphic artists that had works I liked:

Ken Garland

Milton Glaser

David Carson:


‘Master Card werk’


Le/book/connections conference. design:dc


Random photo; found on blog from a fan, here I noticed the years of layering and the rough tearing of the poster give it a nice urban, raw feel, but the aesthetics come from the half ripped text that tells us the top poster was about art, and it could be interpreted as a heart of the piece.


BIG Magazine; like the free, natural repetition (as a whole) represented by the letters, with the main icon in the middle, highlighted in a strong red. Relating it to the statement it would be nice to keep the repetition from the first piece; change the icon of the repetitions, and have an icon that is used as a focal point. Further ideas could generate a sequence of posters that seems to zoom out showing a boundary for the images to be contained in.


Poster for Casting a Shadow – Creating the Alfred Hitchcock Film, about the director and his collaborators.

Poster reminded me of one of my pieces I had done years ago with bird sillottes in a crescendo formation. Also reminds me to ‘put away’ finished work or else they just get thrown away…=.=;


Kate Moross, Cadburys Dairy Milk Nationwide Print Advertising/Fallon.

People are overrated, posters underrated…


Non-Format, The Chap-Builder’s Brew.

Just love this piece just for its personal meaning. Found a hedgehog on the road, so I moved it but I didn’t realise I was only prolonging its death…I had placed it on the island…that was inbetween 3 roads =.=;


Found that the meaning of the psychic eye was lost; the strong symbol for Nike took it completely out of context. The next step is to see if the eye can be developed as a stronger element; take away Nike sign, or manipulate it though it can turn out really bad. Play on the Nike campaign slogan ‘Just do it’ ie: ‘Don’t do it’ the opposite; play on humour of suicide…madness, confusion, indirect interpretation the psychics always give.


Thought about venturing into something with type (eventhough its not part of a sequential style), just thought I’d try. Straightjacket is lost.  It won’t be easy to read from far distances.


Added colour to draw attention, brought her back to life.


Thought about the signifier of psychics and found the eternal/all seeing eye as the main symbol people recogise. Confusing to look at from near but clearer from far.

1700954398_df9a7429e7circletriangle300free_e_book_tarot_3tp25pl triq. tap purpleSome symbols I worked from.

psychic_04Trying to use both ideas really didn’t work…


psychic_06psychic_07Darkness-windowless room, only one smilie-alone.


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