First thing that jumped into my mind, trying to unravel multiple meanings to ‘counter-intuition’ was the play on words following links found:




Dialectical Materialism (look into electricity about electromagnetism another way of seeing CI note: opposites attract…maybe racial, intellect)

‘A star is held together by gravity pulling the molecules towards the center, and heat pushing them away from the center. If either force completely succeeds, the star ceases to be; if heat wins it explodes into a supernova, and if gravity wins it implodes into a neutron star or a black hole.’

‘Living things strive to balance internal and external forces to maintain homeostasis, which is simply a balance of opposing forces such as acidity and alkalinity.’

“Marx concludes that everything ‘contains mutually incompatible and exclusive but nevertheless equally essential and indispensable parts or aspects. ‘This unity of opposites is what makes each entity auto-dynamic and provides a constant motivation for movement and change. This idea was borrowed from Georg Wilhelm Hegel who said: ‘Contradiction in nature is the root of all motion and of all life.’ ”

Science bit over…

Noticed people sticking artifacts randomly on humanoid figures. Why not concepts and objects like this:


this can turn into something cynical…


1. goldfish 2. greyhound_racing 3. pogo4. wishbone

(1. Spacefish 2. Greyhound race 3. Hopper 4. Wishbone).


Kerry Roper, Atomic.


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